Barrier Reel BC300

BC 300 series safety barrier tape reel

  • Compact reel with big features.
  • Light weight at 3.5Kg
  • All standard and optional custom tapes available.
  • Sizes 5M, 10M, 15M available.
  • Magnetic bracket and catches available
  • Size 300mm X 300mm X120mm
  • Easy installation where Exclusion zones required
  • New Safety Snap clip system for scaffold, pipes and handrails available.


Barrier Reel BC300

Listed in: Safety Barrier Tape Reels // Mini-rewind Barrier tape reel

Barrier Reel BC300

Product Code: See table below for options

Tape sizes 5 to 15 Metre safety barrier tape reel for warehouse, factory or areas requiring traffic management.

A light weight medium duty hazard warning safety barrier tape reel that is also available with magnetic brackets and catches.

Tape Diameter: 48mm Nylon Webbing tape
Tape Length: 5M, 10M and 15M
Tape Fittings: Catch plate for hook supplied
Tape Wording: See Options listed below!
Tape End Options: standard safety catch, "D" ring, Magnetic, "J" hook
CodeLengthTapeTape Description
BC300 5m Fluro Yellow
BC300/10 10m Fluro Yellow
BC300/15 15m Fluro Yellow
BC305 5m Fluro Yellow/Black
BC305/10 10m Fluro Yellow/Black
BC305/15 15m Fluro Yellow/Black
BC307 5m Fluro Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
BC307/10 10m Fluro Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
BC307/15 15m Fluro Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
BC310 5m Red/White
BC310/10 10m Red/White
BC310/15 15m Red/White
BC312 5m Red/White "DANGER DO NOT ENTER"
BC312/10 10m Red/White "DANGER DO NOT ENTER"
BC312/15 15m Red/White "DANGER DO NOT ENTER"
BC315 5m Blue/White
BC315/10 10m Blue/White
BC315/15 15m Blue/White
BC320 5m Gold Yellow
BC320/10 10m Gold Yellow
BC320/15 15m Gold Yellow
BC325 5m Gold Yellow/Black
BC325/10 10m Gold Yellow/Black
BC325/15 15m Gold Yellow/Black
RC327 5m Gold Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
RC327/10 10m Gold Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
RC327/15 15m Gold Yellow/Black "CAUTION"


Carry Handle


Safety Yellow Bollard