See the RC3000 Series in Action!

See the BC300 Series in Action!

AK Barrier Reels

We are a proud Australian manufacturer and distributor of Safety Barrier Tape Reels. Founded in 1992 AK Reels today leads the market in innovation of new Barrier Reel products. We provide flexible barrier solutions for workplace safety applications without using wasteful plastic tape, where a strong, flexible warning barrier is required to cordon off large (and small) open areas or exclusion zones, while providing highly visible safety awareness.

Barrier Reels Range

Retractable Barrier Tape Reel

RC3000 Series Safety Barrier Tape Reels

Mini-rewind Barrier tape reel

Barrier Reel BC300

Cassette reel KC300 Series

RC3000 Magnetic Bracket

Magnetic Catch

HD Pillar bracket

Catch Receiving Plate

Stainless Steel safety catch

Safety Yellow Bollard


DC3005 Barrier reel


DC3010 Barrier reel